The name of our company AerO Coated Fabrics is a composition of the names of the owners Mr. Rinus Aerts and Mr. Fred Roffelsen. Both gentlemen are experts in the field of polymer processing for more than 30 years. With their trackrecord gained in different markets and industries they decided to merge their knowledge and to invest in a brand new state of the art 2.200 mm wide coating calendar commissioned in 2018. Their pioneering spirit and expertise lead to a unique set up of a highly technical and sophisticated machinery. Very well suited to full-fill clients demands for custom made products with exceptional quality and durability.

AerO Coated Fabrics is determined to be able to supply the customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. Together with our customers we develop and implement innovative and sustainable products. AerO Coated Fabrics gives the customer whether a manufacturer or an end-user the advantage to excel in their market by offering flexibility in manufacturing, short delivery times, small(er) production runs and excellent service.


Rinus Aerts


Head R&D, Purchase



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Fred Roffelsen







    GEO Membranes

    To protect the soil from spillage of chemicals, environmental protection is important for our next generations. AerO has a wide range of polymers and fabrics that can be utilized to protect concrete in biogas tanks, water reservoirs, floating covers, silo covers, biogas tanks. Underlay materials for tank mounds, petrol stations, de-icing ,stations (airports), dredging depots, etc.

    Sewage Liner CIPP

    Sewer renovation also known as the Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) method, is a known technology by AerO Coated fabrics. With the newest manufacturing technologies AerO Coated Fabrics is able to offer new polymers with existing knowledge that offers benefits for the end application with flexibility and chemical resistance. AerO Coated Fabrics has all certificates required once liners are utilized for the processing of drinking water. With the brand new manufacturing equipment AerO Coated Fabrics is able to coat new polymers with extrusion coating equipment. Waste is limited and we try to achieve a 100% product satisfaction. AerO Coated Fabrics has short delivery times. AerO Coated Fabrics has all capabilities to coat technical membranes and felts with a thickness ranging from 0,5 mm to 10 mm and polymer coating layer 0,2 to 2,2 mm in a maximum width of 2,2 meters.

    Swimming Pool Covers

    A range of durable, weather resistant coated technical textiles for pool liners, pool covers and flexi-pools. Suitable for chlorine water and with our hopper dosing and mixing system the coating can be made UV resistant and antifungi. The technical fabric can be coated with PVC or if preferred modified PE/PP to withstands the toughest conditions. All pool covers manufactured by AerO Coated Fabrics are HF weldable. Standard thickness 0,6 mm and variations in weight depending on the choice of polymers and technical fabric. Structured surfaces (anti-slip) high gloss  and matted finishes are part of our standard range. All available in any colour.

    Cow Mattresses

    Located in The Netherlands we have cows in our countryside and we know that happy dairy cows produce more milk if they can rest in comfort. To give this comfort we have developed a mattress that consists of a soft-woven interior and anti- slip flexible top layer. The coated woven is suited to withstands the weight and puncture strengths of the cow’s hoofs. It’s also resistant to urine and manure. With AerO Coated Fabrics Cow Mattresses dairy cows can be given a good and comfortable rest.

    Acoustic Hall dividing curtains & separation curtains

    AerO Coated Fabrics is specialized in manufacturing sound absorbing dividing curtains for use in indoor sports halls, schools, leisure centers. These can be used to sub-divide sports halls to customer requirements, separate pitches or create perimeter safety boundaries.

    These “curtains” have a structured embossed synthetic leather look and consist out of two layers of high density NON PVC coating. The middle layer is made out of a sound absorbing non-woven to provide visual and noise barrier properties. 22 dB sound isolation can be achieved.

    These screens are ideal for larger sport halls that will be sectioned off for different activities where viewing from one side to the other is undesirable.

    AerO Coated Fabrics offers to manufacture the acoustic dividing curtains according to our clients specific wishes. Thicknesses, polymers (type and color) and carrier fleece can all be custom made and adapted to specific technical requirements.

    Film and Foils

    A wide range of films and foils for various technical application. Variable thicknesses and polymers. For example made out of TPU a welding film for conveyor belts, supported by a silicon release paper it is the perfect method to make a conveyor endless with an almost invisible joint. Any color and thickness from 100µm. Besides TPU, PVC can also be processed as polymer.


    AerO Coated Fabrics, offers a full service toll manufacturing for Extrusion Coating and Film Extrusion. With the latest state of the art extrusion calendar, laboratory and testing equipment we offer a complete service to develop new products and improve existing products.

    Whether it’s a manufacturer or end user the range of polymers that AerO Coated Fabrics can access in combination with almost any type of fabric, woven or non-woven, makes AerO Coated Fabrics your perfect partner for manufacturing and development.

    With our state of the art equipment we can offer the following production services

    This extrusion coating is a process to direct coat a film onto a fabric or non-woven. The coating adds special proporties such as waterproofing, flame resistant, abrasion resistance, antislip, antistatic and printable. The coating also offers protection against wind, water, cold and chemicals.

    With our latest state of the art extrusion equipment we are able to process all sorts of polymers:

    TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), PE (PolyEthylene), PP (PolyPropylene), TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber), PVC-P (Plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride), EVA (EthylVinylAcetate) and other polymers and reforming it into a film or onto a fabric.

    The production line is equipped with a gravimetric hopper dosing and mixing system. Up to 4 additives can be added to the compound during production such as UV stabilizers, Foaming Agents, Color Master batches, Anti-block, impact modifiers, flame retardants.

    The production line  is equipped with a 3 roller calendar. The rolls are interchangeable and include the facility to offer inline embossing of different structures and designs. Standard embossings are gloss finish, matt finish and a leather embossing.

    Besides the embossing rollers we can also direct extrude onto an embossed release liner making the choice of embossing infinite.

    Inline slitting, side trimming plus additional cuts upon request.

    For perfect shipping AerO Coated Fabrics offers packaging according to clients specifications. From Jumbo rolls to cut to size rolls all packed according to customer demands.


    The machinery is ideal for top-quality surface extrusion coated finishes. Because it allows for custom products composition and thicknesses, it is a preferred method for producing sewage liners (CIPP), cow mattresses, swimming pool liners and covers, concrete protection, supported and unsupported films/foils, sporthal divider curtains, sliding doors, roofing membranes, monolithic conveyor belts, medical mattresses, sport matts, dancing floors

    Benefits are customizable thicknesses, increase durability, water resistant, reliable quality and consistency, monolayer or Co-Extrusion technologies AerO Coated Fabrics offers their customers a combination of experience, innovation and flexibility as well as small order quantities.

    Technical Data
    Extrusion coating: One-side, two sides, multi-layer
    Axes diameter: 3”, 4`` and 6”
    Maximum roll diameter: 1.500 mm
    Maximum roll weight: 3.000 KG
    Coil diameter up to 150cm, width up to 220cm
    Recoiling on smaller coils: we do inhouse
    Edge trimming: in-line is possible
    Big extrusionhead (up to 225cm) foil thickness: 0,2mm to 2,00mm
    Small extrusionhead (up to 155cm) max. foil thickness: 6 mm.
    Slitting in small width is possible.

    Our production capabilities:

    Extrusion Coating on woven, non-woven, knitted PET, PP, PE, Nylon, Cotton, 3D, Spun, PES, Glass Fiber-fabrics.

    PP, PE, LDPE, Bio-based polymers, TPU, HDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PVC-P

    Gravimetric Hopper with 4 feeding stations to add color master batches, and additional properties such as antiblock, foaming agents, UV stabilizers, adhesion promoters, flame retardant, etc.

    Some polymers exhibit a level of polarity and therefore is capable of absorbing a certain amount of moisture from the atmosphere. AerO Coated Fabrics has the equipment to dry polymers with such properties prior to processing.

    Embossing: In-line with Standard Structures matt finish, high gloss finish, and leather look any other desired structure can be customized.


    AerO Coated Fabrics offers the option to work with you from development of new combination of fabrics and coatings to certifications. Generally speaking we are co-operating to develop solutions for new applications and improvements of existing products.

    When the requirements of the customer are clear we will develop the new product in close co-operation with the customer.
    R&D and prototyping projects demand a customer specific approach. At AerO Coated Fabrics we use phases to manage the project from initial request to commercial availability according to NEN- ISO 9001 regulation.

    The in-house laboratory is equipped for controlling mechanical properties like tensile strength, elongation, adhesion, tear strength, resistance to abrasion and permeability.

    Göttfert Extrusiometer, Extrusion coater and film width 350 mm
    Heraeus, Pre-dryer suited for all polymers
    Testometric Tensile, tear, peel
    Taber Industries, Abraser
    Mettler, weighing scale
    Wolf Messtechnik GmbH, thickness measurer



    AerO Coated Fabrics extrusion coating is a clean manufacturing process, no liquids are used and all raw materials are in granulate form making it impossible to contaminate the environment.

    New Developments

    The industries processing thermoplastics are continuously striving to find better and cleaner raw materials and production methods. The extrusion coating line is highly energy and waste efficient. AerO Coated Fabrics is continuously following market developments and in close contact with their suppliers of raw materials.

    Waste Management and Recycling

    A closed loop system is in place for waste and off cuts for most manufactured coated fabrics and non-wovens. Reducing waste is key and already very effective due to the availability of the newest technologies.

    Energy Control

    With the machine commissioned in 2018 we make use energy efficient technologies based on the latest developments.

    Certifications and certificates

    With our knowledge we can guide our clients to find the best suited institutes for material testing of specific properties. Testing of UV resistance, gas permeability, flammability, VOC testing, waterproofing, and wicking.

    The duration and costs involved in the different phases are strongly depending on the requirements.

    Work method according to ISO standard
    Low flammability as per DIN 4102, B1
    Regulation 10/2011/EC
    Regulation 1935/2004 en
    Regulation 2023/2006.)
    FDA (USA), 21 CFR: §177.2600